Councillor Hilary Smerdon.
Councillor Hilary Smerdon.

Frustrated Smerdon spills on controversial council move

AS MOST people know I resigned as portfolio councillor for Water and Sewerage, I didn't make this decision lightly.

It came after much thought and a build-up of frustrations.

What the Mayor said about me (not) supporting the hard working staff (GT, January 15) couldn't be further from the truth.

I support our staff and the whole community in general whole heartedly, it's the direction being taken by management that I don't support.

In my opinion, if you're a portfolio councillor the public perceive that you agree with the policies and direction of that department, since I didn't, I decided to resign.

Ever since Councillor Fredman's departure, I believe formulation and direction of policy has shifted direction; a direction I don't agree with.


Councillor Hilary Smerdon.
Councillor Hilary Smerdon.


In my opinion this department is core business for the council and should remain under council control, something that is not guaranteed.

Since the restructuring, staff numbers have shifted with management staff increasing significantly and field staff decreasing.

Long serving management staff have slowly left leaving management staff with little local knowledge, making it hard in my opinion to solve some of the recent problems.

The Goomeri Water Treatment plant being a classic example with the town not running dry because of water being trucked in at great expense.

I'd like to assure the ratepayers that I am not resigning as a councillor and that I intend to continue doing the job of councillor and being the voice for Division 6, west of the Mary River.

Hilary Smerdon,
Councillor Division 6