MASSIVE HAUL: Eric Frei with a good catch off Mooloolaba on Friday both snapper and red emperor were 75cm.
MASSIVE HAUL: Eric Frei with a good catch off Mooloolaba on Friday both snapper and red emperor were 75cm.

Full moon brings the fish


TODAY'S full moon phase will have the fish ready to feed. Conditions will be a huge improvement on what we have had the past couple of days but still a bit choppy at times.

Winds west to southwesterly 15-20 knots becoming variable about 10 knots in the middle of the day then becoming north to northwesterly 15-20 knots in the late afternoon, with seas 1-2m, decreasing to 1-1.5m around midday.

Tomorrow will be workable but best if closer inshore with winds westerly 15-20 knots, and seas 1-1.5m, decreasing to 1m during the afternoon. Sunday looking okay right through the morning but looking like strengthening northerlies through the afternoon.

So, with better conditions, find a window of opportunity and be ready to go to North and Chardon's Reefs for tusk fish, spangled emperor, pearl perch, snapper, grass emperor and gold spot cod. Snapper, coral trout, moses perch and maori cod from Sunshine Reef.

There's been a few good catches off Mooloolaba with snapper and red emperor to 75cm, with the one red weighing in at 9kg, as well as yellow tail kingfish, cobia, long tail tuna, tusk fish from the Gneerings and Caloundra Wide. Snapper, pearl perch, cobia, jew and tusk fish from the Barwon Banks. Double Island Point has had red emperor, spangled emperor, cobia, gold spot cod, tusk fish and snapper. In recent weeks there's been some excellent catches of jew, trout, red emperor, snapper, pearl perch, hussar, tuskfish, big cod and sweetlip 20 nm reefs, east of the Wide Bay Bar.

Out and around Hervey Bay

A FEW spanish mackerel, queenfish, cobia, tuna and mack tuna as well as some excellent quality trevally are feeding throughout the bay and Platypus Bay region around the schooling bait and reef patches.

School mackerel and trevally are also on throughout the strait and bay, around reefs and beacons. Flathead from the creeks on the western side of Fraser Island. Summer whiting along the beaches between Burrum Heads and Urangan.

Quality threadfin salmon and mangrove jack, flathead, bream and grunter bream in the Susan, Burrum and Mary Rivers and throughout the Sandy Strait.

Remember that throughout the Queensland east coast, a closed season applies to barramundi until midday February 1. Closed seasons (regulated waters) prevent people from fishing at certain times of the year to protect species at vulnerable times in their life cycle, such as during spawning seasons. It is also prohibited to deliberately target barramundi for catch and release during these closed seasons, as the stress of capture may prevent a fish from spawning.

Estuaries, beaches

Fraser Island: The full moon will have the fish on the bite, particularly the jew fish cruising in the gutters along the eastern beach, at dawn and dusk, or over night.

Still the odd tailor to be caught in the deeper gutters. A few good sand whiting, bream and good dart in the shallow gutters. On the western side of Fraser Island there's been plenty of whiting and catches of flathead and solid trevally along the beaches, while in the creeks and the flats there's a few good solid bream, flathead and mangrove jack as well as a few mud crabs.

Rainbow Beach: Dart and whiting in the gutters all along the beach from Inskip Point to Double Island Point.

Try for jew and bigger tailor in the gutters particularly at night. A few good whiting, bream and dart up the beach and around Inskip Point.

Mangrove jack and grunter bream in the creeks in Tin Can Bay, there's also, whiting, bream,and plenty of good quality flathead and good size fighting golden and giant trevally. Try for a few good muddies in the creeks.

Dams and rivers

Monduran Dam has some quality barramundi caught recently. The east coast, closed season does not apply to barramundi in impoundments, dams and lakes.

Try paddle tails, like ZMan SwimmerZ and Jackall Rythym Waves, which are working well. But the bass and golden perch are still on the bite in the dams. Bass and golden perch at Boondooma Dam, with the best bite in the mornings around the timbered arms or in the deep water in the middle stretch.

Bjelke Dam has has good numbers of schooling bass between the boat ramps. Borumba Dam has some quality bass and saratoga. Try around the shallow edges of the dam as well as bass on shallow diving lures around the snaggy banks as well as in the shallow weed beds and around lilypads.

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