Furious Micallef slams ABC ‘idiots’


MAD As Hell presenter Shaun Micallef has joined fuming fans on Twitter, slamming ABC programming for mistakenly airing the wrong episode this week.

The program airs on ABC from 8.30pm-9pm Wednesday, but fans were left disappointed when they tuned in to be met with a repeat of last week's episode.

A fresh episode had been recorded on Tuesday.

"What's with the repeat? I have no life and have been looking forward to this for a week!!!" one fan wrote on Twitter.


Another fan suggested it could be Micallef's "way of checking if we're paying attention."




Micallef clearly was. He blasted ABC's programming in his own fiery tweets.

"My wife is ringing the ABC switchboard. I rang ITV. Hopefully we'll at least get the right one up on iview. It's a good episode too. Nice and topical. Maybe they'll play it next week. #madashelltv #idiots," he joked.

"Trying to get the correct episode up on iview now so you can switch over. Tried ringing the switchboard but Peter Dutton answered so I hung up. #madashelltv #wrongepisodegate."





After the episode aired Micallef told fans he'd been in contact with the ABC:

"I've just heard from the ABC and they've just confirmed that they're playing the wrong episode. Thank God. I thought I was going crazy …"




The ABC has been contacted for comment. It's understood the correct episode will appear on ABC iview.

ITV Studios Australia produces the show, CEO David Mott told TV Tonight ABC was investigating the stuff up.

"Meanwhile we're enjoying a lovely encore of last week's episode," he said.

"I look forward to seeing the new one soon."