Cuddles. RSPCA

Furry or feathered, these friends are waiting to meet you

IT IS never too late to make new friends, and any one of these cuddly creatures could be the one to help keep you warm through the winter nights.


Cuddles. RSPCA

Age: Six years

CUDDLES certainly lives up to her name. This beautiful girl is a warm, friendly companion waiting to meet her new forever family.


Dodge. RSPCA

Age: 10 months

DODGE has a big personality that will keep you laughing. He would much prefer to be the only cat in yourhome as he is a little bit of the jealous type, but is quite the charmer nonetheless.


Maggie. RSPCA

Age: Two years

SOFT, sweet Maggie personality has a cute and unique look, with an adorable little 3/4 tail and striking ginger colour she has the looks and the nature making her truly the perfect furever friend.


Molly. RSPCA

Age: Three years, eight months

MOLLY has had a rough start and unfortunately due to no fault of her own this is her second time in the shelter. She is extremely sweet with the softest coat that shines in the sunlight and has big stunning green eyes.


Polly. RSPCA

Age: One year

THERE are two things Polly wants most out of life: a spare lap and a warm cuddle. If you're looking for a gorgeous and affectionate friend, then Polly might be the one for you.


Bronx. RSPCA

Breed: American staffordshire bull terrier / pointer (mixed)

Age: 10 months

BRONX hasn't had the easiest start to life, but with a little love he's well on the way to being a best friend forever. An expert at cuddles and with a love to play, Bronx is eager to be someone's special companion.


Chicory. RSPCA

Breed: Bull arab (mixed)

Age: One year, seven months

Chicory is a friendly, happy, bubbly teenager who adores life - especially having fun. He's playful with a capital P and his preferred playmates are you, children of all ages, and other tolerant dogs.


Sally. RSPCA

Breed: Johnson bulldog / american staffordshire bull terrier (mixed)

Age: One year

BEUATIFUL Sally is looking for a new address. She's a bit shy and needs a safe backyard, but is ready to learn about the amazing world around her.


Speedy. RSPCA

Breed: Rhodesian ridgeback (mixed)

Age: Three years, two months

SPEEDY is happy boy who would love to become someone's best mate. If this could be you, come and have a chat with him and he might just agree.


Captain. RSPCA

Breed: Rooster (mixed)

CAPTAIN is looking for a nice safe home on a property a little way out of town.

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