THE man behind the Reclaim Australia rallies that enjoyed mixed amounts of success nationally is promising that future rallies will have "10x the numbers" of those run on the weekend.

Posting on Facebook, Shermon Burgess said the group had now "gone mainstream" and that supporters "have woken up".


The largest rallies in capital cities were marred in part by clashes between the anti-Islam Reclaim Australia marchers - who stand against Sharia Law and extremism - and counter-protestors standing against racism and targeting minority groups.

In Brisbane a Reclaim Australia protestor was photographed wearing a shirt for Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.
Pauline Hanson was a guest speaker at the Brisbane rally, criticising the certification of halal foods and the threat Sharia law.

In regional centres the marches were far smaller with generally a few hundred attending.

They were run on the Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Toowoomba and Rockhampton in Queensland.

Reclaim Australia Rally in Hervey Bay - placards ready for the march.
Reclaim Australia Rally in Hervey Bay - placards ready for the march. Alistair Brightman

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has described the fear of Sharia Law as "exaggerated".

"This idea somehow that there's a big conspiracy amongst the Muslim minority to bring in sharia law is just completely exaggerated. I think it is really wrong to tar everyone in a minority with the view," Mr Shorten told Nine on Sunday.

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Mr Burgess, who has dubbed himself the Great Aussie Patriot, found himself having to explain why - after long claiming the Reclaim Australia movement was not against any race - a video surfaced of him describing Aboriginal people as being "on metho, passed out, bludging cigarettes, and still blaming the modern generation for what happened 200 years ago…"

In a more recent video, he explained his stance has now changed although he still did not feel modern white Australians were responsible for earlier mistreatment of Aboriginal Australia.

No word yet on when the next round of marches are planned.