Gable Tostee: His response to those 33 screams of no

THE man who until last week was facing charges of manslaughter and murder, will soon be on our television screens, after giving a tell-all interview to 60 Minutes for a reported "six figure" payment.


On Sunday, 60 Minutes revealed a teaser clip of the upcoming episode -- due to air on November 13 -- where Tostee is shown unemotionally listening to the screams of Warriena Wright.

Ms Wright, 26, fell 14 floors to her death from Tostee's Gold Coast balcony after the pair met up through dating app Tinder.

In the clip, Tostee tells 60 Minutes says of Ms Wright: "This was a guest in my home, it wasn't supposed to be this."

He then says, "I restrained her to stop her from attacking me".

Tostee is then told: "She says no 33 times there Gable", he responds: "Yeah. She was certainly trying to make a lot of noise.

"I wanted it to stop."

The final moments of the advertisement have the journalist asking Tostee: "Do you understand why many people would think you're a cold, heartless, cruel bastard?"

To which he responds, "When you put it that" and the clip ends.

Tostee's enormous windfall from appearing on 60 Minutes is understood to have followed a bidding war by Seven and Nine for exclusive rights to his story.

Nine ultimately emerged victorious over rival Seven's Sunday Night.

The backlash against Tostee appearing in a paid interview earned a swift rebuke on social media.