SUCCESS WITH STYLE: Former Rockhampton woman Gabby Waller modelling Str8 Up Threads from her former online boutique.
SUCCESS WITH STYLE: Former Rockhampton woman Gabby Waller modelling Str8 Up Threads from her former online boutique. Contributed

Meet the Rocky woman who's now personal shopper to the stars

A KEEN eye for statement pieces and a penchant to find those impossible-to- find pieces, former Rockhampton woman Gabriel Waller has made a name for herself in the personal shopping world.

After starting her own fashion blog in 2013, Ms Waller and her personal brand have been catapulted into the styling world in the past 12 months.

From blogging, she opened a fashion boutique, Str8 Up Threads, in 2014, then in 2015 she started, her fashion styling and consulting business.

Former Rocky girl Gabby Waller in LA where she now lives and works as a design assistant.
Gabby Waller has made a name for herself as a personal shopper to the stars. Contributed

For her styling business, Ms Waller relocated to Los Angeles for 12 months, where she said she was exposed to the "world of personal shopping".

Talking to Vogue Australia in January, Ms Waller said it was when some of her styling clients started requesting items that weren't available for purchase within the US that she found the world of personal shopping.

"I knew instantly there was potential for this within the Australian market," she told the publication.

"I focused heavily on establishing strong relationships whilst in LA that I could bring back to Australia."

She launched her personal shopping business in July last year, saying she could source luxury fashion items "irrespective of the sold out" tag line.

Just a few months later she was thrust into the spotlight when she found a sold-out old Celine coat for British supermodel and actor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Brit was on a quest to find a specific Celine coat that had totally sold out.

After a few days, Ms Huntington-Whiteley was put in contact with Ms Waller, who tracked down the coat in a matter of days.

Ms Waller's name and brand exploded into the fashion world after Ms Huntington- Whiteley shared the experience with her millions of followers on Instagram.

Speaking to Marie Claire, Ms Waller said she was so excited to see the result of her work with the British model.

"I live and breathe what I do, to wake up this morning to see Rosie not only wearing the coat but for it to be posted on both her Instagram page and story is life-changing," she said.

"I pour sweat and tears into working around the clock on multiple time zones to connect with contacts worldwide, to see that post has made every single moment worth it."