TOP PERFORMERS: Gympie Cats Lanze Magin, Kade Kent, Jack Cross and Scott Stiefler are four of the five top players for the season.
TOP PERFORMERS: Gympie Cats Lanze Magin, Kade Kent, Jack Cross and Scott Stiefler are four of the five top players for the season. Renee Albrecht

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GYMPIE Cats have four wins under the belt and will be hunting victory when they host Across the Waves tomorrow.

1. Jack Cross

POSITION: Midfield/half forward.

Height: 170cm.

Weight: 65kg.

Number: 2.

Gympie Cats playerJack Cross height 170cm weight 65kg no 2.
Chance creator Jack Cross. Renee Albrecht

Crossy has been our most important player this year.

He is able to get the hard ball and break the lines with his outside run and uncanny side step.

Cross's ability to create chances through half forward and more importantly finish off with a goal has been consistent in the first seven weeks of the season.

He's a young gun, who could develop into a player who could compete at a higher level.

2. Lanze Magin

POSITION: Midfield.

Height: 174cm.

Weight: 72kg.

Number: 3.

Our skipper never plays a bad game.

Gympie Cats player Lanze Magin height 174cm weight 72kg number 3
Cats reliable skipper Lanze Magin. Renee Albrecht

Magin's ability to rack up the disposal count every week regardless of the heavy attention of the opposition is a credit to his character and will to win.

Arguably the best player in the competition, there is no one tougher in the league.

3. Jesse Lawrence


Height: 183cm.

Weight: 85kg.

Number: 9.

Aussie Rules - Gympie Cats vs Maryborough Bears - Jesse Lawrence Gympie
Jesse Lawrence in action against the Maryborough Bears. Leeroy Todd

Rightfully nicknamed 'Bull', he is the heartbeat of our stoppage and clearance work.

Rarely misses training and his work rate is second to none.

Never gets beaten one on one and when resting forward he becomes dangerous through his strength and skill.

Loves the big moment.

4. Kade Kent

POSITION: Midfield.

Height: 175cm.

Weight: 60kg.

Number: 4.

Gympie Cats player Kade Kent height 175cm weight 60kg number4
Cats tough centre Kade Kent. Renee Albrecht

Tough, rugged and skilful, Kadeo is one of the unsung young stars at our footy club.

Kent's play is super important to our midfield and is also key component when rotating forward.

The harder the footy, the better he plays; he thrives on the contested ball.

Harder than a cats head.

5. Scott Stiefler

POSITION: Midfield/half-back/small forward.

Height: 168cm.

Weight: 65kg.

Number: 1.

Gympie Cats player Scott Stiefler height 168cm, weightt 65kg number 1
Mr Versatile Scott Stiefler. Renee Albrecht

"Gunny” is the Cats' Mr Versatile.

Stiefler can damage the opposition through the midfield with his ball use and can be just as dominant with his run and carry off half-back.

When playing as a permanent forward he can turn a game on its head by kicking a bag from all parts of the forward 50.

He's a seasoned campaigner.

Cats kick off today at 4pm at Ray Warren Oval.