The coin flipped and landed Picture: Supplied/ HBO
The coin flipped and landed Picture: Supplied/ HBO

Fans react to massive Game of Thrones moment


The Queen is dead, long live the Queen.

Game of Thrones dispatched its main villain by baptising one in her place. Maybe the writers call that justice? Perhaps the lesson is that we can't have nice things. Only brutal, ugly, fiery death.

Cersei Lannister, she who outsmarted men twice her size and age, has met her end at the hands of some falling bricks.

After plotting the death of many, including some of our heroes, it was a ceiling that ultimately did her in. Sure, that falling ceiling was the result of Dany's insane and indiscriminate sacking of King's Landing, but, a frail human skull is no match for a cascade of bricks.


They came into the world together, they leave it together Picture: Supplied/ HBO
They came into the world together, they leave it together Picture: Supplied/ HBO

Maybe there's some form of poetic justice in that the Lannister Queen died among the dragon skulls of the Targaryens.

Of course, she did get her end in the arms of her twin brother Jaime, who as it turns out did not go back to King's Landing to kill his sister but to save her. They came into the world together, and they went out together.

And in that final moment, with the stirring score and all that vulnerability on show, you could almost forget that the most enduring love story in Game of Thrones was the most incestuous form of incest because you don't get more incesty than twins.

There were many fans who wanted Cersei to have faced a harder death than the one she was dealt - some torture perhaps, definitely a public execution at least.





But for a woman who's as proud and clever as she is, watching her empire literally crumble before her, knowing her own death, and that of her unborn child, was imminent was surely punishment enough?

She may have been Game of Thrones' most effective villain, but who can really argue that she wasn't doing exactly what all the men in her life had done before her. She was merely getting hers. And now, she's got hers.

Along the way, we finally got Cleganebowl, which was every bit as nasty as we had expected. After eons of hand-to-hand combat in an increasingly futile sequence, The Hound pushed his brother The Mountain and himself into a pit of dragon fire, presumably to their deaths. He dived headfirst into the very element that he's been running away from all his life

The rest of Cersei's retinue, notably Qyburn, are all dead too.

Of course, the first victim of the episode was Varys, who in his dying words said he hoped he was wrong about Dany. He wasn't.

And it didn't take long for Tyrion and Jon to realise.


‘I’ve made a huge mistake’ Picture: Supplied/ HBO
‘I’ve made a huge mistake’ Picture: Supplied/ HBO


All the while, Arya turned away from her vengeance mission at the last moment and spent the episode getting bloody and ashy, watching as innocent citizens suffer through Dany's violent whims.

Arya's either going to want to avenge their deaths - anyone else notice Dany also has green eyes - or she's going to do a Nymeria and get the hell away from this cesspool of humanity.

With one episode left to go, the final reckoning is almost here.

Game of Thrones series finale will air on Foxtel and Foxtel Now on Monday, May 20 at 11am and 8.30pm.

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