The Lannisters have their showdown amid the rubble of King’s Landing.   Picture: Supplied/ HBO
The Lannisters have their showdown amid the rubble of King’s Landing. Picture: Supplied/ HBO

Stage is set for an epic GoT finale

WARNING: SPOILERS The body count was enormous, the destruction immense and all the subplots have been swept aside to leave just one final question for Game of Thrones.

Get ready for a body-filled - and spoiler-filled - look at the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

Essentially there is just one question left - will Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen end up on the Iron Throne? Actually there is only one question: How will Danerys die?

After spending the last seven seasons as seemingly the last hope for peace, sanity and stunning braided hair in Westeros, this week Dany decided to channel her deranged daddy, the Mad King Aerys, and burn them all.


Picture: Supplied/ HBO
Dragonfire versus green fire in Kings Landing. Picture: Supplied/ HBO


As the few remaining cast members sort through the ashes of King's Landing, Game of Thrones look to be heading for an ending that is heavy on the bitter and light on the sweet.

Still, at first glance, episode five had everything the fans were calling for.

Let's start with the good stuff - Clegane Bowl! The Hound finally took on his evil brother The Mountain and it was cataclysmic stuff as King's Landing burned around them. Personally I could have enjoyed a bit more of two giant blokes smashing at each other and a little less of screaming extras running down streets before bursting into flames but each to their own. It was a fitting end to their great feud.


Picture: Supplied/ HBO
Clash of Cleganes. Picture: Supplied/ HBO


We saw Euron take on Jaime in the battle of the Cersei lovers (that's quite a big club but not many members left alive). That was also good, although it would have perhaps been more fun to see Euron with his huge battle-axe, rather than a dagger that was a little on the small side.

This episode also really ramped up the gore, with stacks of bloodshed in the streets.

Once again I found myself wondering why Dany insisted on flying Drogon right at Euron's ballistae-armed fleet in full light, rather than using the cover of darkness to roast them. But luckily Euron had moored his ships with the ballistae all pointing in the one direction, rather than in a circle, which might have protected him.


Picture: Supplied/ HBO
Into the breach ... the walls of Kings Landing could not repel the armies of the north. Picture: Supplied/ HBO


We also got to see Cersei die, although not in the way the books predicted. George RR Martin was quite specific that she would get choked to death by the "valonqar" or younger brother. Instead a dying Jaime fell into her arms and the ceiling fell onto both of them.

So the way is clear for Dany to take the throne. Only it isn't.

Not only did she burn most of King's Landing, she did it after the city had surrendered.

Now Tyrion, who was so loyal that he betrayed his old friend Varys to her, is horrified. Jon Snow, who was adamant that she was his queen (even if he'd gone off the idea of aunt-cest) is also not a fan. And Arya, who was saved from death by The Hound, watched people die all around her and is really pissed off.


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It’s crunch time for Dany. Picture: Supplied/ HBO


Arya said she was in King's Landing to "kill the Queen". We all thought she meant Cersei but events have shifted and now that could mean Daenerys.

So next episode will be the final battle. Jon Snow (or Aegon Targaryen) against his aunt Dany.

You would think it can only end one of two ways - but there are actually four options.

We might have Jon Snow ruling. We might have Daenerys ruling. We might have Daenerys shocked out of her madness by the death of Jon Snow to become a wise ruler. And we might have both of them dying and someone liked Gendry ending up on the throne.

With one episode to go, Game of Thrones still has it all to play for. Will there be one final, massive surprise for fans? Or will it see Jon Snow finish his journey to unite the ice and fire and sit on the Iron Throne?


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Arya amid the rubble. Picture: Supplied/ HBO


Game Of Thrones finishes next Monday at 11am on Foxtel Showcase.