Farmer donation Marlene Owen, Michelle Barry, Peter Flenady.
Farmer donation Marlene Owen, Michelle Barry, Peter Flenady. Renee Albrecht

Generosity of Gympie businesses helping the drought


WITH TV Stations, big business and governments finally coming on board, it has given those suffering in Western Queensland some respite from there terrible predicament of wondering how they could not only feed stock but themselves as well.

Since I started sending vouchers and taking food parcels to Longreach three years ago, the drought situation has only got worse, with many families looking at the humiliation of losing everything, and it is not caused from bad management as some people still believe.

The Droughtrunners Business is now sending hay and stock meal to feed starving livestock and continuing to put food on the table.

Mia Bella in Gympie David and Carissqa Bell, Jessica Benton, front: MArlene Owen and Sonya Ricketts.
Mia Bella in Gympie David and Carissqa Bell, Jessica Benton, front: MArlene Owen and Sonya Ricketts. Renee Albrecht

The co-ordinators I work with in Longreach are very overworked not only from delivering food parcels but dealing with an expanding mental health situation.

The Droughtrunners are now in a situation of confidentially paying bills for farmers.

This can only be achieved by the wonderful contributions from many Gympie businesses and people from the surrounding district.

Gympie Mayor Prayer breakfast Marlene Owen and Tony Stewart.
Marlene Owen and Tony Stewart. Renee Albrecht

Your generosity has gone a long way in helping families in drought.

How long we have to carry on doing this, who knows.

When it does rain help will have to carry on for maybe one or two years and then some farmers will probably have to find another home.

I must make mention of some wonderful contributors in helping of late.

The Gympie RSL for a large donation, Cooloola Custom Stockfeeds, Gympie Hayrunners(Lance Pershouse) Rainbow Beach Transport & Michelle Barry for cartage.

Maguires, Donovans, Tin Can Bay Craft Group, Gwen Wilson, Forsdyke Family, Gympie CWA, Gympie South Lions, Watts Family, Sharon Fitzgerald, Darren Groves, Greg Hunt, Cooroy Church of United Spiritualism, Mooloo Mountain Produce, Alma St Pre Prep families, Marlene Owen's collections, Beautiful Elegance, and this week, Nadine Branson and Widgee Engineering for a big effort with cartage of fodder.

The efforts of Drakes in Gympie, Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay IGAs, Bank of Queensland, Snack Shak, Ed's Bakery and Arthur at the Tin Can Bay Bakery, with all who have donated there thank you very much.

My apologies for leaving anyone out this month.

Donations are still being received at Bank of Qld Gympie or BSB 124047 A/C 22599186. Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners. Also Drakes and the IGAs. Receipts available.

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Tony Stewart,

Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners