Arthur Gorrie
Arthur Gorrie

Get out and have your say

IT IS ironic that so many people complain about "having to vote," while in other parts of the world, people are still being killed fighting for that right.

Australians in this election, including the voters of Wide Bay, are privileged this election to have a wide range of candidates, including articulate and genuine people who deserve to be considered.

Some are from major parties, some from smaller ones and some courageous souls are running as independents.

They are all spending money, spending time and working hard to offer themselves to us as our representatives.

To run for office is an act of admirable humility, as people suffer the intense scrutiny of a cynical electorate.

We have all heard the joke that no matter who you vote for, you get a politician - but whose fault is that really?

Those who do not even take the trouble to express a preference tomorrow may find themselves not merely fined, but condemned to suffer the government they deserve.