Peter Dutton
Peter Dutton

GetUp! wants $9 to get rid of Peter Dutton

ACTIVIST group GetUp is launching a new campaign targeting Peter Dutton in wake of his "new nightmare mega-ministry'.

The new Department of Home Affairs under Peter Dutton will include ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and Border Protection.

Each agency will retain statutory independence, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

Other bodies in the super agency will include the Criminal Intelligence Commission, the Transactional Reports and Analysis Centre, and the Office of Transport Security.

The hub will oversee policy and strategic planning.

GetUp has blasted the changes.

"Prime Minister Turnbull is putting Dutton in charge of the Australian Federal Police and the ASIO spy agency - as well as Border Force, the Department of Immigration, and more,'' the group says in an email pleading for cash to target him at the next election.

"Can you imagine Peter Dutton in charge of our civil liberties and privacy? Having access to our metadata, including about our health, where we shop and who we talk to?"

"It's a move trashed by security experts and reportedly opposed by senior Cabinet ministers and the security agencies themselves. But clearly Turnbull needs to appease the hard right of his party by giving Dutton more power."

"The only sure way to stop Dutton's dangerous influence over our democracy is to vote him out.

The email urges supporters to fork out $9 to get all the "best billboard space for the next election".

Peter Dutton suffered a swing of more than 5% against him at the 2016 election against Labor's Linda Lavarch.

Getup says it has hired two new staff to support  Dickson Getup members with their campaign.