Giant snake found trying to open family fridge

A SNAKE catcher famed for his work in the Lockyer Valley has captured a huge python apparently trying to open a fridge.

Andrew Smedley said he'd caught snakes in funny places around houses but that this was a first.

He was called out to the Sydney St home in Brassall just after 10pm on Monday, not long after the residents had gone to bed.

They woke up to noises in the kitchen and the loud bang of something dropping.

"When they turned on the light to check they got a hell of a fright after seeing this fellow hanging off their fridge," he said.

"It had knocked a few things off near the sink but luckily nothing broke.

"When I got there it had made its way down and was behind the fridge.

"It's one night they won't forget in a hurry.

"It all ended well and I found a nice spot for this fellow away from fridges."

Mr Smedley, who runs Andrew's SNAKE Removal, said snakes made their way into houses by squeezing through windows left slightly open.