LADIES FIRST: Louise Dillon, pictured here on another horse than last weekend's Nolan Muster Cup winner Grande Casadora, led the charge in Gympie last weekend on a day dominated by female jockeys and mares.
LADIES FIRST: Louise Dillon, pictured here on another horse than last weekend's Nolan Muster Cup winner Grande Casadora, led the charge in Gympie last weekend on a day dominated by female jockeys and mares. LEEROY TODD

Girls take the reins and change sheds at Gympie Muster Cup

GIRLS ruled at the Gympie Racecourse last Saturday at the Nolan Muster Cup Race Day, with four of the five races, including the Cup, won by mares.

This began when the female riders took over what is usually the male jockeys' room.

Despite there being equal numbers of male and female riders, the girls made a bee line for the larger jockeys' room, establishing their claim to the room early in the day.

Five-year-old Rocker mare, Siouxsie narrowly won the first race from geldings Gohan and Airport before six-year-old Trusting mare, Hinterland Sam was successful in the second, beating Warhead colt Craiglea Luke with Warhead filly, Craiglea Topaz third.

Five-year-old gelding Gossiaux broke the trend in the third defeating Equiano mare, Royal Equiano before Rebel Raider five-year-old mare, Half Moon took the 1470m BM 50.

Big Brown five-year-old mare, Grande Casadora then proved too good for geldings Fab's Cowboy and Fasta than Light in winning the main race by a half length over 1470m.

The girl-power theme will continue at the GTC's next races, The Gympie Times Ladies Day on September 21.

All elements combined last Saturday to produce one of the best ever Gympie race meetings.

In perfect weather a massive crowd packed the Gympie Racecourse with all trackside marquees booked out. The racing was first class, with capacity or near capacity fields facing the starter in each highly competitive race.

The biggest winning margin on the day was the 1¾ lengths win by Half Moon Blue with other races won by less than a length.

Stewards had a busy day with the first race producing several incidents. The well fancied Golden Street blundered at the start almost dislodging the rider before finishing well back.

Paradiso Girlresented the kick-back according to her rider whilst the rider of Gohan, Cecily Eaton reported that the saddle had slipped.

In Race 2 Princess Racer was declared a non-runner when her gate, barrier 12, had not opened in unison with the other gates according to stewards.

Fillyrae Cyrus was declared a runner although stewards found that she may have been struck by the rebounding gate.

There were two late scratching in Race 4.

Magestical Maiden was scratched after dislodging rider, Robie Faehr on the way to the start whilst Craiglea Simmo was scratched on vets advice after being found to be lame in the near foreleg on arrival at the start.

Kirin's Lad was slowly away and may have been hit by a rebounding gate. In the Muster Cup Al's Briefs, Marksfield and Fasta than Light were found to have been crowded for room during the race. Rubber suction cups prevent the gates from rebounding and are usually smeared with glycerine to improve their grip.

Large fields apply twisting forces to the barrier stalls which can contribute to problems with rebounding gates or gates being slightly slow to open.

The starter tested the gates several times after the Princess Racer incident and found them to be operating correctly. Two of Saturday's winners were sired by Derby winners from opposite sides of the globe.

Half Moon Blue was sired by South Australian Derby winner, Rebel Raider whilst Kentucky Derby winner, Big Brown wass the sire of the Muster Cup winner, Grande Casadora. Big Brown won the first two legs of the American Triple Crown.

At his fourth race start, Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby by 4¾ lengths before scoring a 5¼ length win in the Rriple Crown's second leg, the Preakness Stakes.

He suffered a quarter crack to a front hoof prior to the third leg, the Belmont Stakes which restricted his trackwork.

His jockey controversially pulled him up in the finishing straight of the Belmont, claiming he had gone amiss.

It was later found that he had shifted one of his hind shoes.