Awake studio open day Abby Wake.
Awake studio open day Abby Wake. Renee Albrecht

Giving a voice to human stories

JOE Rogan, Sam Harris and Tim Ferris.

Names synonymous with the streaming medium known as podcasting.

It is the radio, without actually being on the radio.

On November 4, Gympie woman Abby Wake will launch the first of her Awaken the Voice podcasts, a series designed to give survivors of sexual abuse a platform to share their stories anonymously.

"It is specifically for women and teenagers, both male and female, to share their voices on things that have happened to them,” Ms Wake said.

"You (the listener) will have no idea who they are, they don't say any names.”

Awaken the Voice is set to cover topics like change, depression, motherhood, dealing with children that have been sexually abused, self harm and transgender issues.

Ms Wake is hoping the sharing of these stories will bring healing and closure to the participants.

"I had three teenage boys (participate in a podcast) 15, 16 and 17 years of age, they were incredible.

"I was so touched by them,” she said.

A dance teacher, the genesis of Ms Wake's podcast concept came from an empowerment program she had run previously through her studio.

"It was a 10-week program where every week I would do a live video sharing anonymously what we

had spoken about and what I felt parents needed to know.

"When I started (the podcast) there were events in my life I hadn't discovered.

"I didn't have a voice so I am literally learning my own identity listening to other people,” she said.

Awaken the Voice will launch at the

Awake Studio, 8 Duke St Gympie.

The launch starts at 7pm with tickets available from