Warhammer Sean Fahey

Gladstone gamers battle to give back to farmers

HUNDREDS of dollars will be donated to drought-affected farmers by Central Queensland sci-fi fanatics after a two-day role-playing battle in Gladstone over the weekend.

Warhammer organiser Sean Fahey said $250 would be donated to the farmers through the Rotary Queensland appeal.

Mr Fahey said the event was a success, with a local man, Ryan Alexander, being crowned champion.

"He won the whole thing, the dice gods were definitely in his favour," Mr Fahey said.

Mr Fahey said Councillor Glen Churchill as well as a number of curious members of the public came to have a look.

"Think of it like chess but add sci-fi," he said.

"It's great we can do something we enjoy to raise money for the farmers."

The Warhammer club holds games on Saturdays at 9 Cotton St from 10am onwards.

Hannah Sbeghen