Gladstone man says he didn't steal wallet, he 'found' it.
Gladstone man says he didn't steal wallet, he 'found' it. Pixabay

Gladstone man says he didn't steal wallet, he 'found' it

A JOLLY prisoner practised his beat-box boxing skills while he appeared via video in court on Friday.

Nathan Michael Davis was in high spirits during his sentencing in Gladstone Magistrates Court and even laughed when he realised he was facing more charges than he initially thought.

Davis pleaded guilty to several charges including stealing, three counts of fraud, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of restricted drugs and fail to dispose of a needle.

He initially protested he didn't 'steal' the wallet but rather he "found" it. But Davis didn't attempt to contact the owner or hand it over to the police and instead used a number of the victim's cards in fraudulent transactions.

Davis has also been the subject of two police search warrants and on both occasions, officers found either illegal drugs or restricted drugs that he didn't have a prescription for.

The illegal drugs were two MDMA pills and the restricted was Lyrica. Magistrate Dennis Kinsella ordered Davis to four months jail, to serve one month before he could apply for parole.

Davis had spent 16 days behind bars for the offence and can apply for parole from August 19. Convictions were recorded.