NO MATCH: A Glenwood man lost a weapons collection when police raided his Glenwood home.
NO MATCH: A Glenwood man lost a weapons collection when police raided his Glenwood home. Queensland Police

Glenwood raid finds man's knives, guns and drugs stash

AN UNLICENSED Glenwood gun owner lost an extensive weapons collection in the course of being fined $1000 in Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday.

Facing penalties of up to more than $930 or seven years jail on some of the charges, Christopher James Hansen, 42, pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana and drug implements as well as unlicensed possession of two star knives, a gun silencer and four firearms in categories A, B, C and D.

Under Queensland gun law regulations, linked to the Weapons Act, those categories cover most firearms from air rifles and blank-firing pistols, in Category A up to to semi-automatic weapons or self loading and pump action shotguns in Categories C and D.

The court was told Wide Bay Tactical Crime Squad police raided Hansen's home on June 25 and found a variety of weapons, along with 148 .22 bullets, 18 .303 rounds and a quantity of fireworks.

The court was told Hansen had not realised the fireworks were illegal in Queensland.

Weapons found during the raid included a lever action .22 rifle, a bolt action .303 and a silencer.

Police also found two uncapped syringes containing a brown substance and six small marijuana plants.

The court was told Hansen had owned the weapons for 20 to 30 years and had not realised he needed a licence for the star knives.

The gun offences each involved penalties ranging up to just over $930 or seven years jail, the court was told.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan agreed to a plea from Hansen, unopposed by police, that some of the weapons be given to his father, who was appropriately licensed.

The magistrate said police had found 64g of marijuana as well as the six small plants, cannabis oil and "a significant amount of ammunition".

"As you've heard, the society we live in takes weapons seriously and hence there are big penalties," he said. He also noted references showing Hansen was "very highly thought of in the community."

He fined Hansen $1000 with no conviction recorded.