The man was jailed.
The man was jailed. Contributed

GM jailed for stealing more than $41,000 from work

HE WAS the general manager of a hotel with no criminal history and now he's behind bars.

Daniel Christopher Jones pleaded guilty to stealing by clerks and servants after he illegally pocketed $41,415 while employed at the Boathouse by Outriggers in Airlie Beach.

Between January 1 and February 10, 2015 Jones was pocketing money from the business instead of banking what was taken.

Barrister Nick Larter told the court in 2013 Jones's relationship with his wife at the time was breaking down and she had also suffered a miscarriage.

As a result, Jones became addicted to methamphetamine for about 12 months.

Mr Larter told the court that Jones's addiction contributed to why he committed the offence.

He said shortly after the detection of the offence, Jones moved in with family and gave up drugs on his own accord without rehabilitation and had not committed an offence since.

Jones's employment at the facility was terminated on February 16 and he stayed in Airlie Beach for a short time before moving to NSW, unaware the police were looking for him in regards to the incident.

Recently Jones moved back to Queensland and was approached by police in February where he was made aware of a warrant and was arrested.

Mr Larter said since he was arrested he had co-operated with police and did not contest the matter and was remorseful for what he did.

Mr Larter told the court Jones had recently quit his job because he knew spending time behind bars was inevitable.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan took into account Jones's guilty plea as well as his non-existent criminal history. However jail time was inevitable as a punishment.

Ms Hartigan also took into account the fact Jones would not be able to financially support his recent former partner and two young children.

She also took into account precedent cases used as examples by Mr Larter to compare the case for severity and sentencing.

"I take into account when your employer confronted you about the incident you weren't forthcoming and you did in fact tell an untruth that somebody else had stolen money out of the safe and you were repaying that over time," she said.

"I also bear in mind at no stage were you untruthful with police, you only took up with them at an early stage this year.

"At the time you were the general manager of the Boathouse Apartment by Outrigger which is a position of trust and significant trust because you were effectively in charge of quite a large organisation."

Jones was sentenced to two and half years' jail that will become a suspended sentence after he serves eight months.