Tom wells up as he talks about the decision.
Tom wells up as he talks about the decision.

Goggleboxers’ emotional reaction to ‘Yes’ vote

THIS week's episode of Gogglebox sees the households watch a history-making moment in Australia, with last week's announcement of the results of the same-sex marriage postal survey.

The reaction from the Goggleboxers was overwhelmingly positive, with Angie telling her pal Yvie, "now my brother can get married if he wants to, my cousins, some of our favouritest people in the world can get married".

But it was the show's gay couple, Wayne and Tom, who had the most emotional reaction to the news, covered on that evening's edition of The Project.

"I'm proud to be Australian today," said Tom, tears welling in his eyes.

"This is just 50 years of pent up shame and s**t that you've got to ... finally today, that whole fear that everyone hates you and doesn't accept you is not true."

As the couple watched footage from that morning's result announcement at Sydney's Prince Alfred Park, Tom was surprised to see a familiar face in the crowd - himself. He was caught on camera embracing a policeman after the result had been announced.

"Oh my god! That's you. I thought you said you were by yourself? Instead you were getting it on with a hot copper!" Wayne said.

Tom's sprung having a moment with a cop.
Tom's sprung having a moment with a cop.

Tom explained to his other half that he wasn't actually having it off with a member of the constabulary.

"I was crying - standing there crying - and this policeman walked up to me and goes 'We're all here for you', and gave me a cuddle. That was very nice," he said, his voice cracking with emotion.

He also gave props to The Project for their positive and inclusive coverage of marriage equality.

Wayne and Tom have a cuddle on the couch.
Wayne and Tom have a cuddle on the couch.

"Those guys on The Project have been nothing but supportive since the beginning - and they've copped crap over that. I love this show. I'm proud ... I don't know what I'm feeling."

"The love," said Wayne.

Marriage equality is an issue close to the pair's hearts - in an earlier Gogglebox episode, Wayne teared up as he revealed that his mother had wanted to see the couple get married before she passed away.

Gogglebox airs on Network Ten at 8:30pm. Tonight's episode is the 2017 season finale.