‘Avoid the M1 at all costs during Games’

SLASHED speed limits on the M1 will allow more vehicles to use the under-pressure motorway during the Commonwealth Games as one of the key planks of the event's transport plan.

Speeds will be cut by 10km/h from Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane to Gaven and temporary 'ramp metering' will be put into place at two major M1 off-ramps to keep traffic moving and avoid gridlock.

According to Games maps, the worst timeto travel on the M1 will be from 3pm-7pm during peak hour.

But the state's peak transport body says motorists should "avoid the M1 at all costs' during the Games.

The M1 is going to be busy during the Games. Pic by Luke Marsden.
The M1 is going to be busy during the Games. Pic by Luke Marsden.

"Obviously rush hour on the M1 right now is difficult but at all costs, avoid the M1 during the Games and rule it out if you both in the morning at afternoon," said RACQ chief communications officer Paul Turner

"The key during the Games is to reduce or eliminate as much as possible the number of crashes on the M1.


"Crashes are extremely disruptive and can cause massive congestion so the more we can do as motorists to either avoid the M1 during that time the better."


The State Government yesterday unveiled its transport for the Games, with much of its focusing on how to keep the M1 clear.

Strategies in place include:

• Speed limits being cut from 110km/h to 100km/h between the Logan Motorway and Gaven while speeds will drop from 100km/h to 90km/h from Eight Mile Plains to Logan. Both com into effect on March 1.


•Ramp metering on the southbound Exit 62 (Helensvale) and Exit 66 (Smith Street) beginning in mid-March.

• Extra traffic response units and towing vehicles will be deployed on the M1 gradually from March 31, with all units operation by April and running until April 15 after the Closing ceremony.

•Vehicles carrying athletes, officials and some political leaders will be allowed to travel along the hard shoulder of the M1 under police escort where safe and at low speed if there is congestion preventing them from arriving at their events.

•Police will roll out extra speed cameras and units during the Games to crack down on speeding.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said reducing the speed limit on the M1 would reduce overall congestion.


"It massively reduces the risk of crashes when people are going at that speed and that is what we want to see during the Games," he said

Qld government ministers Mark Bailey and Kate Jones Picture Glenn Hampson
Qld government ministers Mark Bailey and Kate Jones Picture Glenn Hampson

"Generally lower speeds more it can actually carry more volumes.

Depending on speeds, when people make different choices about how much buffer they need in front or behind car so if you are at a slower speed, people will bunch up more.

"It is not massive difference but it does help."


Mr Bailey said the rapid response and towing feel would reduce the chance of the entire motorway grinding to a halt.

RACQ says motorists should avoid the M1 at all costs if possible.
RACQ says motorists should avoid the M1 at all costs if possible.

"Much more than usual, they will be onto any incident very quickly and clear the roads quickly," he said.

"The best way to avoid traffic on the M1 is to take public transport."


Beenleigh to Coomera

The M1 will be busy Between Exit 34 to Exit 54 from 6am to midnight, travelling both directions.

Coomera and Oxenford

The M1 between Exit 54 and 57 from 6am to midnight, in both directions.

The same exists are expected to be significantly busier than usual 8am to 6pm.


Exit 62 is expected to be busier than usual all day.

The M1 from Exit 62 will be busier from 6-9am and 4pm-midnight, in both directions.


Exit 66 near Smith Street is expected to be congested every day.


The M1 in both directions around Exit 82 will be congested from 9am to midday "on most days" and be busier than usual between 3-8pm every day.


The M1 southbound near Exit 95 will be congested from 3pm-midnight for the entire Games.

Northbound it will be gridlocked between 6-11am and 2-7pm.