Gympie Golf course.
Gympie Golf course. Renee Albrecht

Golf Club: failed council purchase is Gympie's loss

LETTER: The Future of the Gympie Pines Golf Club

IT IS with much disappointment I hear the council have deferred any decision on the purchase of the Gympie Pines Golf Course.

This would be a great opportunity lost if the council and the whole community do not get behind this proposed purchase.

We have a wonderful town here with sporting facilities to rival most regional areas in Queensland and to add a much improved, but a newly presented golf course, with all its possible greenery, adding to Gympie's wonderful parklands that it has at present.

The proof is in the condition of the course at present, dry and poor condition, it could be so much better with just a little work, but the members are not being allowed to do very much in this regard, due to real concerns about legal liability.

I believe the council has approached the club with a view to using treated water on the course, but Gympie Regional Golf Incorporated, in their current financial position, would not take up the offer as they felt it was too expensive. How short sighted were they? The next few years will show that.

I also believe in the near future, waste water disposal will become a very big problem for all regional towns and cities in Australia, the purchase of the Gympie Golf Course will be a long term saving for the council and ratepayers money, as waste water disposal becomes a much bigger cost burden to the council, and therefore saving Gympie a lot of money that could, and needs to be spent elsewhere.

If the State or Federal governments raise the standards to which water must be treated, this could cost way more than the purchase of the Gympie Golf Course and the setting up of a watering system to water the Fairways Greens and surrounding vegetation.

There are other benefits to this purchase, when considering the future development of Gympie, the strip of land along the present highway could be beautified with gardens and trees to add an attractive welcoming vista to people travelling into the city from the north.

I know they are presently moving the highway, but as this is the first major inland stop on the highway north of Brisbane, and will be for some considerable time, Gympie will still attract its current share of visitors and I would suggest more, for sure.

An improved car park at the clubhouse would also be more inviting and fall into line in assisting local business and community groups who currently use the buildings amenities.

Driving around the new housing developments in Gympie is proof of the huge growth in the area.

More growth means more waste water to dispose of, the land on which the course is located is hungry for water, the fairways at present are very dry and would soak up all the water a treatment plant would produce.

This valuable facility must not be allowed to fall into more private ownership, the writing is there.

Gympie's loss will be forever!

Can we afford to sit back and say we would not allow development of the site? But if a proposed developer takes it to court there is no way of predicting the outcome. Look at some of the decisions courts have made on the Sunshine Coast, and you have your answer.

If the course is council owned, the membership of the club will grow, the members will again take pride in the course and small changes will bring the course back to something we can all be proud of.

I have expressed here the deep feelings that I and members of the club and local players have, in regard to a very favourable ownership of the course, by Gympie Regional Council.

I hope this gives you, councillors and townsfolk, an insight into the feelings of the club members and those of our visiting clubs from the local district.

On behalf of myself and members of the golfing fraternity, thank you for taking the time to read and digest the contents of this letter.

Kevin Schmitt, Gympie

Gympie Golf Club member