Good deed ends in drug arrest

A BIZARRE chain of events after a coffee catch-up between two good friends resulted in Wurtulla's Annette Joy Cartwright finding herself in Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday facing drugs charges.

Ms Cartwright had Bronwyn Holcombe over at her home for coffee in April last year.

But the visitor left her strong painkilling medication behind at Ms Cartwright's house.

Ms Holcombe had suffered a back injury in a car crash six years ago, and has been prescribed the strong methadone-based painkiller Suboxone to deal with the pain.

"Annette said she'd drop it around home," Ms Holcombe explained outside court.

But while Ms Cartwright was driving across town to return the medication, she was pulled over by police, who searched her car and found the drugs.

"Police searched and found my medication and charged her with a dangerous drug," Ms Holcombe said.

With her one-month-old son Zane in her arms, and her four-year-old Georgie at her side, Ms Holcombe attended yesterday's court hearing to try to help sort everything out for her friend.

When the situation was explained to the court, Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan's jaw dropped.

She said she could find herself in a similar situation as a result of transporting medication for her own elderly mother.

"Taking some pills back to someone else is not an offence," Ms Callaghan said.

The friends said they had tried to sort the matter out previously, but a previous affidavit was rejected by police, who had advised Ms Holcombe that she needed to attend the court in person to explain the sit uation.

"We've tried for over a year to have it dealt with," she said.

It looks like their bizarre predicament could be resolved finally.

Prosecutor Sergeant Leanne Chauner asked for Ms Holcombe to write a statutory declaration of the facts, accompanied by a copy of her prescription, and she would follow up the matter.

The case was adjourned until next month, where it is possible the charges may not proceed.