Good news for levee funding

THE State Government has stepped up to deliver much needed flood mitigation money to the Gympie region.

Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli visited yesterday to announce $5.2 million in funding.

The $2.2 million to help upgrade Drummond Dr to Q100 flood levels is a major boost.

Businesses in the ever-expanding Monkland precinct should be very happy.

The new road will help move products through town earlier, during a flood event, saving close to $750,000 a day in lost productivity.

This funding alone has made the $100,000 Aurecon flood study well worth the investment by the council.

The controversial levee proposal to save the CBD from a 22m flood also received $3 million in funding.

While good news, I'm sure the council would have been hoping for a bit more money to take the pressure off it having to fund the project.

It looks likes the Federal Government will have to come to the party in a big way and the State Government chip in extra funds if the levee is to get off the ground.