RECOVERING: Ollie Schmidt is recovering at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane after suffering multiple seizures at Rainbow Beach this week.
RECOVERING: Ollie Schmidt is recovering at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane after suffering multiple seizures at Rainbow Beach this week. Amanda Schmidt

Good timing a life saver for Ollie

A FAMILY'S holiday to Rainbow Beach was cut short on Thursday due to a serious medical emergency.

Amanda Schmidt, husband Cory and their three children Max, Austin and Ollie were holidaying at Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach when disaster struck.

Mrs Schmidt said her daughter, Ollie, suffered multiple seizures while on the beach.

"Ollie has had a heart transplant and now she suffers from epilepsy, on the beach yesterday she suffered multiple seizures," she said.

"We took her off the beach but by the time we reached the stairs, we had to give her some emergency relief."

Luckily the Queensland Ambulance Service was doing a four-wheel-drive course and were at the scene immediately.

"I'd like to thank the QAS officers for helping my daughter, it's amazing that we have a great ambulance service who are very caring," she said.

LifeFlight assisted with transporting Ollie to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane, where she remains.

Mrs Schmidt said it was hard travelling due to Ollie's health.

"We take a lot of precautions," she said.

"We have two older boys who love camping, so when we can we try and get away as much as possible as a family. Ollie loves going to the beach so we try to go there too."

Mrs Schmidt said it was a huge relief seeing emergency personnel at the scene within minutes.

"It's scary for us and it's scary for the family that we were camping with," she said.

The QAS posted on Facebook about the close encounter, in which they thanked their staff.

"Our paramedics are always ready to respond, no matter when, where or what," the post read.

"Caring for people isn't just our job, it's our way of life."

The Schmidt family lives in Brisbane and Mrs Schmidt said she was always concerned about not being at home when a crisis occurred.

"We were out of our comfort zone but the ambulance officers did a great job at helping Ollie and organising her transport to Brisbane," she said.

"The LifeFlight crews gave Ollie a teddy bear, which was nice."

The family was grateful to see the dolphins in Tin Can Bay while they were there.

"We didn't think we'd get to see the dolphins but we did," she said.

"The children were very excited because they got to feed them."


DEMAND for the Queensland Ambulance Service continues to grow with the organisation experiencing its busiest period ever in the past 12 months.

QAS recorded 1,080,192 incidents across Queensland in the 2017-18 financial year, an increase of 3.86 per cent on the previous year.

The Sunshine Coast local ambulance service conducted 69,652 call-outs, up 2077 from the previous year.

  • Code 1 and 2 chest pain incidents: 5900 (up 257 or 4.55%)
  • Code 1 and 2 psychiatric and abnormal behaviour incidents: 3011 (up 243 or 8.78%)
  • Code 1 and 2 fall incidents: 7165 (up 137 or 1.95%)
  • Code 1 and 2 traffic and transportation incidents: 1839 (down 103 or 5.3%)
  • Code 1 and 2 snake bite incidents: 103 (up 28 or 37.33%)
  • Code 1 and 2 drowning and near-drowning incidents: 105 (up 32 or 43.84%)
  • Code 1 and 2 child birth incidents: 237 (down 41 or 14.75%)