Got CCTV? You may be able to help solve crimes

POLICE districts throughout NSW have recognised the vital assistance that local business and residents with CCTV can provide and are asking people to register their devices to help them solve crimes.

Richmond Police District Detective Acting Inspector Ty Johnston said cameras would be registered on the NSW Police CCTV Register.

He confirmed that once information stored in the CCTV Register had been collected, it will be used for operational policing purposes.

“These CCTVs are a great tool we use in many different kinds of investigations,” he said.

“This database will give police mapped information about where cameras are located in the Police District, which is an invaluable investigative tool when it comes to solving crimes.”

Act Insp Johnston said the whole process was extremely confidential.

“This database doesn’t give officers access to your cameras, it just tells them that they are located on your property,” he said.

“It only takes a few minutes to set up your details, and you can edit or delete details whenever you want.”

Act Insp Johnston said by assisting police, people can help reduce rural and regional crimes.

You can register now here.