Government reaffirms it has no plans to sell Qld assets

THE Queensland government has reaffirmed it has no plans to sell any public assets despite continued union scaremongering campaigns across regional centres.

Several Labor-affiliated unions and organisations have embarked on campaigns claiming the State Government was preparing itself to sell-off a host of public assets in a bid to raise more capital.

Last month, in a letter and survey sent to all State Government MPs, Not4Sale community campaign general manager Lara Watson asked MPs a series of yes or no questions claimed to have been developed by regional Energex, Ergon Energy and Powerlink workers.

Ms Watson said the organisation would announce the results of the feedback at a Community Cabinet protest rally held in Toowoomba at the weekend.

The letter, seen by APN Newsdesk, said all State MPs who did not respond would also be named at the protest.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls told APN Newsdesk on Monday (Nov 25) the State Government would not be selling any government energy assets as claimed by the unions.

"The union movement and the Queensland Labor Party need to stop misleading the people of Queensland," he said.

"This is a complete and utter lie by the union movement.

"We know the union movement is completely opposed to anything this government seeks to do to improve our fiscal situation.

"The union movement would rather see Queensland spiral into further debt and further deficit than actually do something to fix up the state's finances.

"We have said on a number of occasions neither Ergon, nor Energex or Powerlink will be sold."

Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle said he had met with representatives from the Electrical Trade Union, but was disappointed they were still having difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction.

"Union members should question the value of union leaders who waste members' money on a political scare campaign about issues the government dealt with at least six months ago," he said.

"As a Queenslander, I simply cannot ignore the irreconcilable differences between Labor's shameless anti-privatisation campaign and its shameful record on public asset sales, including ongoing support from union leaders."

APN Newsdesk's calls to Ms Watson for comment were not returned.