GRAFTON Fire and Rescue deputy captain Mark Aspinall and his crew saw first-hand the ferocity of the Tabulam fire.

While on their way to protect the Jumbullum Mission at Tabulam, Mr Aspinall said his crew had to make a detour after the fire began threatening a property nearby.

They managed to capture footage of the fire as it began surrounding the road.

"To get to the property, we had to go through a fire on the way, which is what you see in the video," he said.

"When we arrived, the residents were quite worried as a previous fire came quite close to destroying their home but was stopped by crews."

A large tree falls to the ground during a fire on flats towards Tabulam.
A large tree falls to the ground during a fire on flats towards Tabulam. Marc Stapelberg

Fortunately, the property survived a second threat thanks to the Grafton team and other local crews.

"There was a large fire front coming through, so we called in extra resources to help out," he said. "It wasn't long until four CAT 1 tankers came over to help so we were able to leave the RFS boys with it and get to the Mission."

Mr Aspinall said local Rural Fire Service crews and those working behind the scenes were invaluable in situations such as this.

"The hardest thing for us is going into an area we're not familiar with, that's why RFS knowledge is vital," he said.

"Even behind the scenes, the people back at the command centre making meals; it's everyone and the community that makes everything run smoothly."

On Wednesday, the Tabulam fire was downgraded to Watch and Act as conditions eased.

While the fire was not yet under control, firefighters took advantage of favourable weather conditions on Tuesday night to conduct a hazard reduction burn on the southern edge of the fire.