Great catches of tuna and snapper

I HAVE again been away this past week while having the privilege to travel down south to fish the Brisbane River in search for jewfish, snapper and big bream.

Luckily I have a few good mates keeping an ear out for me on the local spots.

The mangrove jack fisho's have packed away the summer gear and are now getting ready for the large influx of snapper to come with the cooler water temperature.

With winter on the horizon, the bigger fish will become more and more prominent with the drop in temperature.

Your best bets of finding these feeding snapper are in deeper waters where there is a moderate current with plenty of baitfish schooling up and moving through those areas.

Some of the areas that fired well last year include the bluff, the deep-water mark on the outside of Kauri Creek, big Mick (green channel marker opposite the bar), the outskirts of Ida Island and even Inskip point.

A mate, Kurt Rowlands, has been informing me about tuna which are going nuts offshore eating plenty of baitfish and hitting lures.

Kurt has also been telling me that they have been busting up in the straits too, with the tailor also abundant.

If you're lucky and you don't spook the school, you might get amongst some sizzling runs and be rewarded with some big fish.

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