Editorial: Great news for confused Gympie voters

GYMPIE Regional Council has backed a plan to talk to the Electoral Commission about waiving fines for people who "didn't vote" in the last election.

It's a smart move because the confusion brought about by the postal Mayoral By-election and the State Election meant many voters didn't vote.

A lot of people who did vote, but not properly, didn't have their name marked off the electoral roll and are now being fined. The idea behind postal voting isn't a bad one but it was rushed for the Mayoral By-election.

Because it happened so quickly and it coincided with a State Election, people were confused.

Because of that the only fair thing to do is to scrap all fines for the election.

Hopefully the electoral commission will see it's the right thing to do otherwise there will be a lot of Gympie people unfairly fined.