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Green meat is the future and it starts today

GREEN meat is the new reality for a select few beef producers across the country who are opting to reduce their carbon footprint.

While The North Australian Pastoral Company have been selling their version Five Founders for the past six months, today they officially launched their range of carbon neutral beef.

NAPCO General Manager Stephen Moore said the meat looks and tastes the same as regular beef but has less impact on the environment.

"It's more about the pathway and the journey that it's taken," Mr Moore said.

"When you look at carbon emissions, we are offsetting these emissions in animal production, processes and in transport."

Even before a calf is born, the company have ensured the impact on the environment will be as little as possible.

Mr Moore said genetics and feed were just two impacts considered when reducing carbon emissions.

"We select genetics so we have optimum feed conversion," he said.

NAPCO general manager for corporate & commercial affairs Stephen Moore.
NAPCO general manager for corporate & commercial affairs Stephen Moore. Contributed

The move means the genetics of cattle who produce the most mass when fed the same amount are utilised, which ultimately reduces the number of cattle and processes required.

"It's about having a productive heard," Mr Moore said.

The carbon neutral beef produced by NAPCO also has a full trace of visibility with all cattle born, bred and delivered for process by the company.

"All our cattle come from our properties," he said.

The process ensures the cattle have been part of the minimal-emission journey since birth.

"It means looking at looking at what we can feed the animal, looking at supplements and looking at reducing methane," he said.

Cattle used in the Five Founders program are transported minimal distances to reduce emissions.

The company are also working towards converting traditional sources of energy to a natural alternative.

Diesel bores are being switched for solar as the company removes the reliance on traditional energy supply.

"We want to decrease carbon emissions," Mr Moore said.

While only a small number of cattle are being used in production, Mr Moore said the company had the capacity to expand if there was demand.

"We try and respond to what the market is asking for," he said.

"We are very confident in the product."

The Five Founders brand has been worked on for the past 18 months.