YOUR SAY: Grooming teens ‘unconscionable’

GROOMING children for sinister and devious adult agendas has long been the modus operandi of sexual predators, keen to cash in on the naivety and innocence of children.

The fatal attack upon a Sydney police employee, leading to a tragic outcome, reveals the enemy within our democratic society, undermining our right to hold opposing views.

Appropriation by stealth, of teens, by religious extremists through the media, to carry out their murderous intentions, is no less unconscionable.

It is cowardly, relying on secrecy for its success.

It robs a child of his innocence and promotes hatred against culturally-conflicting groups, religious or political, in order to advance warped ideologies and discrimination.

It has no place in a democracy.

Many such hidden radicals are amongst us, in places where good people go about their daily rituals.

Disguised as good citizens, unrecognisable, but with their evil intents on their minds, they attack our freedoms from within.

Kidnapping and trafficking of children in lands where there is anarchy, is a means to sacrifice innocents for a tainted ideology, in suicide missions.

Here the one or two of the easily-led impressionable minds are their targets.

They blend with the majority, yet they are obsessed to continue their deadly attacks on a nation which allows immigrants to practise their religion without threat; a rarity in many other lands.

Targeting children is a cowardly strategy; for they are impressionable and naïve, having little life experience to combat the brainwashing.

Many do this in secret, in homes where parents are blissfully unaware their offspring are being radicalised in the name of a familiar religion, with political motives.

Disaffected, troubled and disengaged teens are their best fodder, willing to die for a cause greater than their present unhappy lives.

Promised pie in the sky, these children are easily duped into thinking they will make a difference and receive untold blessings in the next life, while their present lives seems dull and unfulfilled.

We have seen an escalation of children being sacrificed in the name of religion globally.

Ultimately, perpetrators will reap what they have sown.

It would be better for offenders by far, that a millstone be hung around their necks and they themselves thrown into the deepest sea.

Those who engage children to do their dirty and deadly work, epitomise evil and must be weeded out of our society.

E. Rowe, Marcoola.