Butterfly knife.
Butterfly knife.

Group faces court after weekend stabbing

TWO brothers have been granted bail with a third brother released by police because of medical issues after their alleged involvement in a stabbing at Booval.

Baily Elliot, 21, from North Booval, and his brother Ryan Elliott, 24, were granted conditional bail to live with their mother after making successful bail applications in Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday.

Both men were placed on curfew and must not leave their house between 7pm and 6am and report weekly to Ipswich police.

Both are charged with unlawfully wounding a 36-year-old man at Booval on Saturday, and wilful damage.

Magistrate David Shepherd banned both men from going to The Prince Alfred Hotel, and must not go near the alleged victim.

A fourth co-accused, a 17-year-old, went before Ipswich Children’s Court and was granted bail on similar charges.

Sergeant Brad Dick said police opposed bail for Baily Elliot.

Mr Shepherd said the written police submission was that the alleged incident had been a random attack by four people, with at least one of them carrying a knife.

Mr Shepherd said the alleged incident occurred in the car park of the Prince Alfred hotel. Some of the events were caught on video.

The man had run to get away before apparently arming himself with an axe handle.

He said the four males then sought refuge in a yard and the axe handle had been thrown at one male with the man jumping a fence to then retrieve it.

He was then stabbed allegedly by a male with a butterfly knife. He suffered a 1.5cm long injury that pierced his skin.

Mr Shepherd said the recorded video evidence meant that any contact between the co-accused was unlikely to affect the integrity of the police case.

Bail was granted with conditions.

Lawyer Daniel Boddice applied for bail for Ryan Elliot which was not opposed by police.

It was granted with similar conditions. Both cases were adjourned to January 25.