Jeremy Cameron in action for GWS.
Jeremy Cameron in action for GWS.

Shove could be Cameron’s saving grace

THE GWS Giants have lost the Jeremy Cameron debate in the court of public opinion but could do better at the tribunal on Tuesday night.

The star forward is off to AFL HQ but what sort of a hearing is he set to get in the current climate is anybody's guess.

Many of the game's greats are calling the commentary surrounding Cameron's elbow to the head of Brisbane's Harris Andrews as hysterical.

Richmond Hall of Famer Matthew Richardson described the calls for a six-week ban as over the top.

"The commentary around it that it was an act of brutal thuggery I think that is completely over the top," Richardson said.

"Yes he gets rubbed out and yes it was careless but having been involved in a lot of marking contests where bodies are involved flying through the air the contact was unavoidable, they are both off the ground going in opposite directions."

Greater Western Sydney's Jeremy Cameron elbows Brisbane's Harris Andrews.
Greater Western Sydney's Jeremy Cameron elbows Brisbane's Harris Andrews.

By a measure of recent transgressions a six-week suspension would be a very severe punishment for Cameron's actions.

Barry Hall's 2008 king hit on Brent Staker is the outmarker and widely considered the worst incident in the last 20 years. He copped a seven-week ban, Cameron's isn't in the same ballpark.

Cameron's clash was severe (impact) and high (contact) but the young Giant has a very good case to say it was careless and even accidental.

Replays clearly show Lions defender Darcy Gardiner pushed Cameron into the contest and forced him off balance, he then raised his arm to protect himself from the oncoming Andrews.

Match review officer Michael Christian has consistently ruled this year that a raised forearm is intentional but if it comes as an instinct to protect yourself when pushed off balance, GWS have an argument.

Jeremy Cameron walks off Spotless Stadium.
Jeremy Cameron walks off Spotless Stadium.

This will be the case the Giants will almost certainly make at the AFL Tribunal.

Their time in front of the tribunal can't come soon enough because GWS certainly have all but lost the battle in the court of public opinion.

News Andrews was rushed to hospital after the match suffering brain bleeding associated with a severe concussion has added to the fire.

Former Swans and Melbourne coach Paul Roos also says the club missed a real chance to win favour straight after Saturday's match at the Gabba.

"I think Leon Cameron missed an opportunity," Roos said.

"There's no way you can justify that action saying he's a ball player. We all saw it, Leon Cameron saw it. Leon and Jeremy should have got together in the press conference. Jeremy says I've made a blue and I apologise to Harris Andrews. We've seen that before."

Harris Andrews is helped off the ground. Picture: Getty Images
Harris Andrews is helped off the ground. Picture: Getty Images

Roos was coach of the Swans when Barry Hall knocked out Brent Staker in 2008 and Melbourne when Tomas Bugg knocked out Callum Mills in an off the ball incident last year.

Cameron's likely suspension could not have come at a worse time for the Giants who face a very tough month ahead beginning with Hawthorn at Spotless Stadium on Saturday night.

They then have to travel to Perth to take on West Coast followed by Richmond at home and then Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.


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