Gwyneth sparks frenzy for X-rated item


She's no stranger to selling variety of weird and wonderful wellness products.

Gwyneth Paltrow has flogged vagina-scented candles, crystal-infused water bottles and bondage-style bras on her healthy lifestyle platform Goop.

While Goop has sold vibrators - remember the gold one that cost $US15,000 ($A19,300) - for many years, the brand had never ventured into creating one. Until now.

The intimate "wand" that doubles as a "massager" launched on Monday for $US95 ($A122) and it has already sold out - and has a growing waitlist.

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In true Gwyneth style, the toy comes with an equally colourful description, promising to deliver a realm of benefits that are way too racy for us to go into detail. But if you're thinking crashing waves and toe curling, you're going in the right direction.

The white and blush pink item - that has 64 different settings - is also described as a "thing of beauty on a nightstand" - so there will be no hiding it in your undies drawer if Gwyny has her way.

Of course the silicone is "body-safe" too and hypo-allergenic (nobody wants to have an allergic reaction down there) as well as chemical-free, including Phthalate, latex and BPA.

The intimate item is a ‘wand’ and massager in one and costs $122. Picture: Goop
The intimate item is a ‘wand’ and massager in one and costs $122. Picture: Goop

The X-rated item has caused a stir online, where many have expressed upset at missing out on the fun.

"Too bad it's sold out already," one user grumbled.

"I finally break down and decided to order from Goop, but no. Denied. Sold out," another said.

"Can't believe it's no longer in stock," one disappointed shopper wrote.

Others commented on how aesthetically pleasing the battery-charged device was, declaring it "so pretty" and "too beautiful".

On Tuesday, Gwyneth announced news of Goop's first official sexy toy with an incredibly cheeky Instagram post.

She created a meme to promote the item on social media. Picture: Goop
She created a meme to promote the item on social media. Picture: Goop

The 48-year-old actress shared a throwback photo from the 71st Academy Awards ceremony in 1999.

"Beat you to it … I know how to meme too, guys," she captioned an edited photo, which showed her holding the "Double-Sided Wand Vibrator" instead of the award.

Shortly after, American poet and activist Cleo Wade re-posted the photo in her Instagram Story calling the actress an "icon" for creating "her own vibrator".

Mother-of-two Paltrow then re-shared that post and wrote, "Had to pass the time, you know?"

Fellow actress and good friend of Paltrow's Drew Barrymore commented, "Oh my God, I love you."

Australian comedian Celeste Barber summed it up in one word: "Brilliant."

Fans commented too, with one joking, "Who needs an Oscar when you have the 'best vibrator.'"

Sex toys have recently moved into the wellness space in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic when the item was seen as a lockdown essential.

Australian beauty store Adore Beauty added a whole new subsection to its online store in 2020 in response to the spike in demand.

E-tailer The Iconic followed suit not long after - both experiencing success with the risqué foray.

Multiple health benefits have been linked to "self-pleasure", including being good for mental health.

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