Gympie bee men to fight for our food disaster

GYMPIE region bee keepers are helping save Australia from the unthinkable.

The chemical and pest-driven demise of the honey bee threatens more than a predicted 75% drop in honey supply and a multi billion dollar financial crisis for growers.

It means famine - serious food shortages and high prices.

Desperate consumers fighting over miniscule supplies are predicted to drive prices beyond the reach of most - affecting our ability to buy fruit, nuts and fruit-vegetables - zucchinis, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins and tomatoes.

Canola and sunflower yields will also be affected, as will crops or herbs needing bee pollination for seeds.

This covers just about everything except grains, meat and fish.

Gympie apiarists Athol and Glenbo Craig saw this coming nearly three years ago.

Last Saturday they promoted native bees, to help replace the honeybees' pollination work, if not their honey.

"Feral honeybee hives have been wiped out and we need them," Athol Craig said.

"The industry needs at least 100 new apiarists to meet pollination needs."