Master Builders Sunshine Coast's Will Wilson reports on the construction industry in Gympie.
Master Builders Sunshine Coast's Will Wilson reports on the construction industry in Gympie.

Gympie builders still on the job

“ENCOURAGING” is how Master Builder’s Regional Manager Will Wilson describes the position of the construction industry in Gympie at present.

“It is encouraging that construction continues to be recognised as an essential service under the current Federal Government shutdowns, which means that we can, and are continuing to work,” Mr Wilson said.


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“The industry is working together to implement drastic changes to respect the physical distancing and hygiene requirements and while this is impacting on productivity and the speed at which we can deliver, we are able to continue operations onsite.

“We have reached out to all levels of government, including Gympie Regional Council to relax the current time restrictions on construction work so that we can continue to keep as many people working as possible, while adhering to the physical distancing requirements. In response, a specific Temporary Use License for commercial work has been devised.

New public signage for work sites.
New public signage for work sites.

“Gympie Regional Council has been working hard to expediate all processes, including providing new online forms and working through applications as efficiently as possible. I am confident that as soon as the multi-departmental issues at a state level are worked out, our council will come on board and give our industry the support we need in these difficult times.

“While we have seen a number of contracts delayed by the financial uncertainties of the COVID 19 crisis, I am hearing from several Gympie builders that owners are also reaching out and asking for work to be done.

“This is an example of how the Gympie community looks after itself; where people have the security to get work done, they are giving our local builders and trades the opportunity to work.

New signage for construction workers on site.
New signage for construction workers on site.

“It is important to know, that even in occupied homes, building, repairs and maintenance continues to be defines as Essential Services; with the appropriate procedures, this work can proceed.

“Master Builders has provided the industry with regular updates and produced several documents that can be used on construction sites as well as for work in occupied homes including signage to define safe COVID practices, and documents such as a Health Disclosure Form and a Notice for Private Premises Clients.

“Master Builders is working hard to keep this vital part of the Gympie economy going, while being sure that the building industry remains safe during this current crisis,” Mr Wilson said..