Gympie Council CEO Bernard Smith and Mayor Mick Curran.
Gympie Council CEO Bernard Smith and Mayor Mick Curran. Renee Albrecht

Gympie council a mess and cesspit - this is how to save it


THE Gympie Regional Council has been in damage control since the public meeting held at the Civic centre on June 12, 2019, revealed the mess and cesspit that is the Gympie Regional Council.

The consensus of opinion is the present council is the most poorly run council in living memory.

The full page letter in The Gympie Times on June 25, 2019, has revealed the incompetence and disregard for the duties of care entrusted to the Mayor and councillors by the people of Gympie. 

Open letter to Gympie Mayor Mick Curran
Open letter to Gympie Mayor Mick Curran paid for by an anonymous group of Gympie business people in this week's Gympie Times.

The solution in a nutshell (is this):

The Mayor and councillors must put aside their differences and egos and attend to and action the following matters today.

  • An administrator must be appointed immediately to attend to the financial and staff affairs of council in a proper and competent manner with full accountability to the people of the Gympie region
  • The town planning department is 18 months behind in the fulfilment of its duties and obligations and falling further behind each day.
  • The Economic Development Committee must be disbanded and a team of suitably qualified staff engaged to achieve the results that will create employment in our town and region.

There is no other solution to any of the aforementioned matters.