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Postal vote Trevor Veale

Gympie council postal vote election was best ever: letter

Letter to the Editor

Postal vote was best system ever

THE best voting system I have ever seen and/or been involved with was the postal voting run by the Gympie Council (can not remember date) whereby they sent out the voting form by Australia Post.

We had 28 days to return our vote in a return paid envelope. I may not be correct on the figures.

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At the time I could not believe that approximately 30 per cent did not vote.

The council at the time lacked the internal fortitude to fine the non-voters.

Gympie Regional Council mayor Mick Curran said they're doing their best to help with the clean up.
Gympie Regional Council Mayor Mick Curran Philippe Coquerand

I also believe that why fine a person for not voting.

Why not take them off the roll and out of the system for say five years?

When I say take them out of the system that would include all Centrelink benefits. That would get some slack out of the system.

What is the cost of the pre-polling station in Gympie with three or four staff over one or two weeks then all the polling booths on the day compared to the postal vote?

A bit tough you think?

Australia's same-sex marriage postal vote , australia post box.. 21 sept 2017
Postal vote Trevor Veale

Try being late paying Telstra, council rates, AGL, car rego, Visa, driver's license or bank loan and any other payment you have.

The down side would be for the printers with no "How to vote cards” being handed out or mess to clean up.

Colin Saunders,