COUNTRY women want the federal government to promote fresh local produce to Australian consumers.

The Queensland Country Women's Association annual conference in Gympie accepted a Condamine Valley resolution that farmers grow all the fruit and vegetables needed in Australia and employ local people to do it, assisting the local and federal economies.

Families needed to be able to eat Australian grown, harvested, branded fruit and vegetables and there should be no requirement to import fruit and vegetables from overseas.

"Trade agreements between Australia and other countries do not take into consideration our farmers, their work force, our families or our local economy," the conference was told.

Similar resolutions were later adopted from Samford and Killarney branches.

Samford delegates successfully called for the QCWA to help promote Australian grown and manufactured products and to lobby local, state and federal governments to introduce more consistent labelling to enable consumers to identify the origin of the product and proportion, if any , of Australian grown components.

Killarney delegates called for Mr Joyce to introduce labeling of all foods to state the country of origin, where it is packed.

Consumers were entitled to know if food was imported from nations with lower hygiene standards or where pesticides banned in Australia were used