Aiden Dyett Dolling
Aiden Dyett Dolling

Gympie dad busted with cocaine, ecstasy in nightclub

A YOUNG Gympie dad busted with $300 of cocaine and ecstasy at a popular nightclub in Maroochydore was on parole for assault at the time, a Gympie court heard this week.

At 1am on March 21, security guards from The Post Office Bar on Ocean Street detained Aiden Kalem Dyett Dolling, 24, and approached police who were patrolling the safe night precinct.

The guards gave police Dyett Dolling’s licence and two clip seal bags they had found on him, one containing cocaine and one with a broken orange pill, which Dyett Dolling said was ecstasy.


Dyett Dolling, who was 23 at the time, had purchased the drugs for $300 before heading to Ocean Street, the court heard.

Dyett Dolling pleaded guilty to unlawfully possessing cocaine and unlawfully possessing ecstasy in the Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday, and it was heard that he was on parole for committing assault occasioning bodily harm earlier this year.

Dyett Dolling’s defence lawyer said her client, who lived in a share house near Gympie, was expecting a child with his former partner, and had a three-year-old son.

She also said Dyett Dolling was previously a self-employed disability support worker, but he had lost his clients due to COVID-19 and was currently on Jobseeker.

A psychiatric assessment completed recently also revealed he was suffering from anxiety and depression, and she said Dyett Dolling had now been engaging in drug programs.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said Dyett Dolling was serving a 12 month parole order, and told him parole was “like serving a prison sentence in the community.”

“Meaning, you’re not supposed to be doing drugs on parole,” Mr Callaghan said.

Mr Callaghan considered Dyett Dolling’s attempts to work out his drug problem, and said he no drug-related history, and fined him $600.