Gympie's cutest dog revealed
Gympie's cutest dog revealed Contributed

GYMPIE DECIDES: Region's cutest winter woofer revealed

IN THE Deep South of the US, there's an old saying: "Ya'll are cuter than a speckled pup.”

But this cute little woofer doesn't need speckles to be voted the cutest rugged up dog in the region.

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Teddy is an eight-month-old cavoodle (cavalier king charles spaniel crossed with a miniature poodle) who has melted the hearts of not only her family but Gympie Times Facebook followers too, thanks to an adorable photo taken by one of her "brothers”.

Teddy's poll winning picture with the results below it.
Teddy's poll winning picture with the results below it. Donna Jones

Gaining 55 per cent of the vote, Teddy was a runaway winner in the 13-picture poll that included labradors, chihuahuas and dachshunds.

It's happy days at Teddy's place. Her family, the Cunninghams - Dad Reegan, Mum Karyn, Bradley, 10, Hayden, 8, Emily, 5, and Charlie, 3, are thrilled with the title win.

"The kids are rapt. They are very excited. Bradley is a real animal lover and he loves playing with her,” Karyn said.

Teddy's portrait was taken by eight-year-old Hayden.

Teddy isn't the first pet for the family. They used to own two labradors who have since crossed the rainbow bridge.

When they were looking for a new pet Karyn said it was important to get a dog with a family-friendly temperament.

They wanted a small dog, too.

"We wanted a dog as friendly as a lab but half the size,” Karyn said.

Teddy with her family, Emily (5) ,  at back Charlie (3), front Hayden (8) and Bradley (10) Cunningham.
TOO CUTE FOR WORDS: Teddy with Emily, Charlie, Hayden, and Bradley Cunningham. Donna Jones

She explained how Teddy, a female, got a distinctly male name.

"We thought she kind of looks like a teddy bear,” Karyn said.

As if being adorably cute wasn't enough, Teddy likes to sneak out at night and go to sleep on one of the kids' beds.

"She doesn't like to sleep on her own,” Karyn said.

Karyn recommends having a pet to any parent struggling to get their children away from their screens.

"She is great for getting them outside and playing,” she said.