SELF-CONFIDENCE: Girl Guides Paige Jackson and Georgia McGarrigle.
SELF-CONFIDENCE: Girl Guides Paige Jackson and Georgia McGarrigle. Jacob Carson

Gympie District Guides seeking new recruits

THOSE looking for a chance to learn new skills, meet new people and challenge themselves would do well to look up the Gympie District Guides.

New vacancies in 2018 mean the hunt is own for new sign-ups, especially for girls aged between 14-17.

"For that age group, we're looking for about half-a-dozen girls to sign up,” Guides Leader Leonora Cox said.

"We tend to keep the groups on the smaller side - that way the girls get to know one another, and work together a lot easier.”

Boasting one of the most active Guides chapters in Queensland, participants get the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities and learn new skills.

"Yes we do the traditional thing with tying knots but it's a lot more than that,” Ms Cox said.

"There's camping, canoeing, abseiling and a lot of events within the community as well.”

The crux of the organisation is the development of personal skills as well, that will often be of great benefit to guides later in life.

"You can see the change it has on them, from when they first start,” Ms Cox continued.

"Particularly at that age, building that self-confidence and self-belief is so important.

"We have a lot of different girls from a lot of different backgrounds, it's a place for them to just be themselves and get along with one another.”

This year marks a major event in Sydney, with the annual jamboree seeing Guides from across the world meet up for week of fun and activities.

"They do everything bigger down there - so the fundraising for the trip has already begun,” Ms Cox said.

To sign up or to find out more information, contact Ms Cox on 0425850360.

There are also vacancies for leader positions for any age group. For more information call 0407030611.