John and Jennefer Cameron on their Lagoon Pocket property.
John and Jennefer Cameron on their Lagoon Pocket property. Renee Albrecht

Gympie farmers: Activists no longer welcome on our farm

A letter to the editor by John & Jenny Cameron:

Same old rhetoric...

WHEN people have no substance to their argument, they resort to emotive language and accusations. So it is with Jenny Moxham (GT 13 April). It's the same old rhetoric about cruelty on dairy farms.

If we are so cruel, why hasn't she reported us to the authorities. She can try the RSPCA, police, the veterinary association or state government inspectors. Dairies are registered, making them open to a lot of government and industry scrutiny. In the past we invited Ms Moxham several times to visit our farm to see for herself, but her only response was to say that she didn't need to see a farm because she knows what happens on farms. Now her cohorts are demanding access to farms to "lift the veil of secrecy".

How arrogant. Vegan activists are no longer welcome on our farm.

While avoiding our allegations of vegan cruelty, fake videos etc., she still maintains that domesticated animals need to be eradicated. This would mean massive starvation, as the food produced in Australia is vital for feeding the world. Imagine life without pigs, cows, horses, sheep, chickens, goats etc.

These vegan activists want to destroy everything they don't understand or care about.

Ms Moxham and the rest have totally lost their credibility.

John & Jenny Cameron,

Lagoon Pocket