"Come and see our farm and see our management practices” say Gympie dairy farmers after "dairying is cruel” opinion made by letter writer. Luca Bruno

Gympie farmers tell letter writer to 'see for yourself'

A letter to the editor by Gympie region dairy farmers John and Jenny Cameron:

JENNY Moxham (Gympie Times, June 19) has totally destroyed her credibility. She refuses to visit farms because she is scared of being proved wrong. She would rather believe PETA propaganda from the internet than look at the other side of the story. Thinking people would go and see for themselves, and use their intellect to make up their own minds.

Many of the PETA propaganda videos we have seen were made in America, or elsewhere, and have little or no relevance to Australian industries. The fake shearing video we referred to was made in America but purported to have been made in Australia. When PETA were approached to identify the sheds where the video was made, they where unable to.

We abhor cruelty to animals, and we have always responded to animals in distress. It is very distressing when we and other caring people are accused of cruelty”.

Leaving a calf on a high-producing dairy cow without stripping out the excess milk is cruel. The cow will have a congested udder, resulting in mastitis and extreme pain, and possibly death.

Dairy farmers don't mercilessly kill millions of calves. Come and see our farm and see our management practices.

By the way, our Oxford dictionary defines milk as "opaque white fluid secreted by female mammals for feeding young.”

John and Jenny Cameron,

Lagoon Pocket.