Gold City Steering’s Mark Wilcox, Jerome Smith, Grant Polley and Jim Herbohn celebrate winning the A Grade grand final over Ray Salmon Builders.
Gold City Steering’s Mark Wilcox, Jerome Smith, Grant Polley and Jim Herbohn celebrate winning the A Grade grand final over Ray Salmon Builders. Contributed

Gold City Steering wins final

SQUASH grand finals across all grades were played in Gympie recently.

A good crowd of spectators was treated to some excellent squash.

The A Grade clash between Gold City Steering and Ray Salmon Builders ended up on even rubbers and games, with the final outcome decided on points.

Winners were Gold City Steering 89-6-2 to 66-6-2, capping off a good season for the number one team. First match went to RSB’s Andrew Hughes who downed Jim Herbohn in three, but Jim notched up 20 points which were to prove invaluable to his team.

Steering’s Grant Polly skilfully demolished Phil Morton in three and Jerome Smith overpowered Builders’ Gary Elson to take the next match for Steering also in three. Steering was now assured of the win as the team was well ahead on points and, even allowing for Builders taking the last match in three, there was no way they could catch up.

So it was a somewhat relieved Mark Wilcox who stepped on to the court to face the unstoppable Dean Hogg. There is hardly a ball that Dean can’t reach and make a good return on. Mark played extremely well to take 15 points and with many long rallies and excellent shots, it was a great match to watch. Dean the winner 3-0.

In B Grade, it was a case of the top team being toppled when third placed Shepherd’s Retravision triumphed over Wide Bay Cabinets 10 games to seven.

Michelle Groundwater finished off a good season by taking the first match for WBC, defeating Liam Mills 3-0. Jane Marlow played another good match to defeat Chris Kath in three, giving SR their first win for the night.

The next two matches also went to Shepherd’s Retravision as Matt Offer and Nick Whittaker both proved too strong for Rita Marlow, who was in the unenviable position of having to play twice against two tough opponents.

Powerhouse Matt won in three, but Rita was able to snatch the first game from Nick, who then came back to take the match in four. The Cabinetmakers couldn’t win from here but team captain Andrew Hughes (who also moonlights as an A Grader), notched up another good win for the night defeating Michael Chambers 3-1.

In C Grade Case Accountants claimed victory over Ray Salmon Builders 11 games and three rubbers to six games and two.

Jo Stumm gave the Builders a good start with her decisive 3-0 win over Jessica Pearce, but CA’s Geoff Huth retaliated with a 3-0 win over Sue Offer. Sue then had to play up a row and take on Maureen McCarthy who proved too strong for Sue, taking the match 3-0 and giving CA the lead.

Dan Birt and Stirling Stumm played an exciting five setter with wins alternating each game, the fourth going 10-9 to Stirling. However, it was Dan who held on to take the fifth 9-1, giving RSB a much needed win, though Stirling’s two games meant CA were ahead at this point. As befits a grand final, the outcome was dependent on the team captains and the last match of the night. Tim Kross ensured that the crown would go to CA with his 3-0 win over Braden Clark, a long game in the third kept things exciting to the finish.

Players make sure you pick up a squash calendar from the courts as this has all the important dates for next year (gradings, holidays, finals etc). Gradings for the Summer Night Fixtures will be held on January 25 and 27, and February 1 and 2.