Warren Truss
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Gympie has already done well out of regional funding: Truss

THE Gympie Times (11/5/2016) editorial says the Federal Government should provide $5 million for the Gympie Rattler from the Federal Building our Regions program.

As there is no program by that name, I presume the editor meant the National Stronger Regions Fund?

Gympie has done very well out of the NSRF with successful projects in both of the first two rounds.

However to obtain funding from the NSRF the proponent must first apply.

There has never been an application to the NSRF for financial support for the Gympie Rattler.

Gympie Council has always given priority to other projects. Applications for round three closed last month and Gympie has applied for funding for the Mary St revitalisation project.

I have always been a keen supporter of the Rattler and the Coalition Government did provide a grant of $528,990 a few years ago which was supposed to set the historic train venture on a sound business footing for all time.

Warren Truss,

Retiring Federal Member for Wide Bay.