Gympie Hospital ED staff
Gympie Hospital ED staff

WATCH: Gympie Hospital staff brilliant dance challenge

WATCH: Gympie Hospital staff Git Up challenge : WATCH: The Gympie Hospital staff dance to Git Up.
WATCH: Gympie Hospital staff Git Up challenge : WATCH: The Gympie Hospital staff dance to Git Up.

GYMPIE Hospital Emergency Department staff could not wait to accept the "Git Up" Challenge recently - the dance inspired by country hip-hop artist Blanco Brown's song.

The workplace challenge line dance has gone viral on social media and is happening in emergency departments around Australia and internationally.

Registered nurse Sonya Stephenson co-ordinated the dance crew as a team-building activity.

With many staff wanting to be involved, quickly there were rehearsals on weekends and before or after shifts.,

Staff even went to work to practice on their days off just to be a part of the smiles and laughs. Each weekend the numbers grew as the dance fun became contagious amongst the Emergency team.

The dance lifted everyone's spirits and boosted morale of the Emergency Department team. Ms Stephenson said working in the Emergency Department could be a tough environment and staff are often under a lot of pressure.

"If you don't laugh you cry. Having a supportive strong team is vital to delivering our best professional care towards our patients," she said.

"Not only do the ED team volunteer their time to learn the tricky dance moves, we were fortunate to have film maker Woody from Elevated Imagery and professional photographer Esther from EeVee Photography who donated their time and skills for which the Emergency department are so grateful.

"The staff have enjoyed practicing the dance so much that they are already asking what our next year ED challenge will be. As the Gympie Emergency Department, we would like to nominate the Nambour Emergency Department and Sunshine Coast University Hospital Emergency Department to follow our districts lead and join us in the fun of the 'Git up' challenge."