Magistrate Chris Callaghan has mused on excuses presented in court for cannabis use.
Magistrate Chris Callaghan has mused on excuses presented in court for cannabis use. Renee Albrecht

Gympie magistrate: No one seems to like weed

MAGISTRATE Chris Callaghan has questioned the omission of the "enjoyment” factor in excuses for drug use after a Gympie region man fronted court for possession of marijuana on Thursday.

Barry Christopher Rushbrooke, 64, pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing dangerous drugs after 2.3g of cannabis was found in a police search warrant at his Bollier property last month.

The court heard police found the cannabis in a metal tin at Rusbrooke's residence.

Duty lawyer Chris Anderson told the court Rushbrooke had informed him he had been using the cannabis for "medicinal purposes” to treat "back pain” and was receiving a disability support pension, prompting Mr Callaghan to interject.

"No-one that ever comes before these courts uses it for enjoyment.

"I wonder why that is,” Mr Callaghan said.

"Everyone's got anxiety problems or a bad back.”

"I've passed that now,” Rushbrooke replied.

"You've passed that now? Well, it mustn't be a very enjoyable drug, no-one that ever gets caught with it does it for enjoyment,” Mr Callaghan said.

He fined Rushbrooke $150 and recorded a conviction against him, citing previous convictions.

Barry John Digman, 57, fronted court on charges of possessing dangerous drugs, producing dangerous drugs and contravening direction or requirement of police after 16 cannabis plants up to 1.5m high were seized at his Imbil property last month.

Forty grams of dry cannabis were also seized after police found the drug in three separate locations across Digman's property.

The court heard Digman planted cannabis seeds "to see if they would grow” and had been using the other cannabis for pain relief.

He was fined $800 and a conviction was recorded.